Deng talks facing Bulls

Posted by Unknown on Wednesday, January 22, 2014 with No comments
Tonight Cleveland Cavaliers F Luol Deng will face his former team (Chicago Bulls) for the first time since being traded away weeks ago.  Yesterday after practice Deng spoke of staying focused on winning.

"When the ball goes up, I'm not going to start crying and start hugging the guys....It will be fun. It will definitely be weird. But honestly, I think as soon as the ball goes up, I want to play basketball and I want to win the game. It won't really matter after that. I don't think we'll be hugging it out the whole game. After the game, we can talk again. But when that ball goes up I'm just focused on winning. I don't care so much … we're friends before the game, after the game, but for that 48 minutes when I'm on the court I'm just focused on my guys and just trying to win.''