Billy Hunter praises Stern

Posted by Unknown on Wednesday, January 29, 2014 with No comments
They were adversaries for years, fighting for the same goal from two different point of views, Former Union Director of the NBPA and NBA Commissioner David Stern.  Hunter was ousted last season from his position and Stern will step down February 4th after 30 seasons on the job.  Recently Hunter had kind words to say about the departing Stern.

"If David made a commitment and gave you his word, then he stood by it," Hunter said. "You knew that. You didn't have to worry about him. A lot of our negotiations were adversarial and some weren't. It depended on the issue....He could be strident and determined in representing his constituency, and he tried to extract from me whatever benefit he was seeking....David was knowledgeable about business. He was a good corporate lawyer. He did an exceptional job. He also came into his position at the right time. He had Julius Erving, Magic, Michael, Patrick Ewing and Isiah Thomas, and the league just took off."