Van Gundy talks Woodson, Knicks

Posted by Unknown on Thursday, December 05, 2013 with No comments
Hints were dropped earlier this week that Jeff Van Gundy was on a list of candidates to potentially replace Mike Woodson as head coach of the New York Knicks.  While making rounds on the radio yesterday, Van Gundy stated the following:

“The last problem the Knicks have, the very last problem, is a coaching issue,” Van Gundy said. “Mike Woodson is an outstanding basketball coach who’s done an outstanding job. So how can a guy who went from brilliant be on the quote-proverbial hot seat 16 games into the next season? ... I understand just how difficult it is and I feel badly for Mike.”
“You’re drawn into commenting on a rumor that there’s no basis of fact.Boy, you just hate when you’re the one interjected into it, because it has impact on the job you’re doing now, which is broadcasting, and some people think I’m behind the scenes plotting my return and Mike’s demise?  I mean, my goodness.”