NBA Q&A: Steve Kerr

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Courtesy of Justin Terranova 

Q: Before the season you were concerned about the Knicks’ ball movement. Safe to say your concerns have played out?
A: That and the defense hasn’t been too good. The personnel is just different enough from last year where it really has been a problem. Last year I felt like they had a lot of ball-movers and spot-up shooters with Jason Kidd and Steve Novak, but it just seemed to fit and everything clicked.
Q: Carmelo Anthony took 22 shots combined in the blowout wins over the Nets and Magic. Why are they unable to maintain that balance on a nightly basis?
A: I am fine with him taking 30 shots a game if they are all within the rhythm of the offense. But it just seems like they have six-to-eight possessions a game where the ball just ends up in his hands, the shot clock runs down and the defense loads up on him. And in the NBA, if you throw away six-to-eight possessions you are in trouble. I don’t know how you change that or combat that. Mike Woodson is an excellent coach that’s having all kinds of trouble with this team.
Q: Do you think Woodson deserves a chance to turn it around?
A: Firing him would be a disaster for the Knicks. It would just be an admission of dysfunction. He went 18-6 when he took over for (Mike) D’Antoni, had 54 wins last year, which was the (Knicks’) greatest season in a decade. He was responsible for putting that together. So, I can’t imagine they’d throw all that out the window after a 20 bad games without (Tyson) Chandler — the heart and soul of your team. I look at the Knicks and I just see a flawed roster more than anything.
Q: There are rumors of them being interested in Kyle Lowry. Your thoughts on him?
A: He’s kind of a bulldog. He’s tough, strong, a physical point guard that likes to shoot a lot and is very talented. He’s not a classic point guard in terms of distributing the ball.
Q: Do you agree with the notion the Knicks or Nets will come back and still win the Atlantic?
A: The Celtics are 10-14, but they should be getting Rajon Rondo back, which would be a big help. They have a good chemistry and a good coach, so it wouldn’t shock me (if the Celtics held on). I still expect the Nets to come back and take it, if they can stay healthy.