Jazz F Jefferson defends coach

Posted by Unknown on Wednesday, December 11, 2013 with 2 comments
The Utah Jazz have begun the NBA season 4-19 and fans are growing uneasy.  Beginning last season many called for head coach Tyrone Corbin to be fired and recently Richard Jefferson spoke out in defense of his coach.

“I think that’s stupid, just flat-out dumb,” he said. “By no means am I disrespecting our fans. Everybody’s entitled to an opinion. When you pay your money, whether you’re a fan of our team or the other team, you’re spending your hard-earned dollar to support the NBA and I respect that.”

“Now as far as lashing out and putting pressure on a coach, that’s unfair. … Everybody’s an armchair quarterback.....Everybody has their own fantasy football team. Everybody has their own idea of what should go down.....But, I can tell you from being in this league and having multiple Hall of Fame coaches that Ty is doing a very good job. He’s in a very difficult situation with a lot of young guys and a lot of injuries, and he’s doing a very, very good job, and I say that with the utmost confidence.”