Celtics' Lee talks benching

Posted by Unknown on Sunday, December 22, 2013 with 3 comments
Boston Celtics G Courtney Lee has been the subject of trade rumors for close to two seasons and recently he was linked in a trade that involved Houston Rockets C Omer Asik.  Lee was reportedly angry at Celtics coach Brad Stevens for benching him in the second half of last evenings game against the Washington Wizards but he will not make a trade request. 

“Nah. I been through worst shit in life than basketball,” Lee said. “I don’t give up on nothing that easy. It’s never going to get to that point. No one man can make me want to walk away from a situation. Now if I get traded, I get traded. That’s one thing. But I’ll never ask for a trade.”

“I can’t … I can’t figure it out other than I missed a couple shots....That could be the only reason why he didn’t play me....We talked....Of course it’s always going to be everything said that I want to hear. But I mean, you see that’s not the case when I’m out there.”