News Flash: The New York Knicks are bad

Posted by Unknown on Sunday, November 17, 2013 with 3 comments
Could it be a bad chemistry mix or is it the weight of pressure brought upon them by owner James Dolan?  Whatever the case is, the New York Knicks are currently sitting at 3-6 after losing to the Atlanta Hawks last evening and have lost five straight at home.  Head coach Mike Woodson's seat has never been hotter as the chorus of "Fire Woodson" echoed through Madison Square Garden.  If one were to look on the bright side the Knicks have 73 games to turn things around but even franchise player Carmelo Anthony is skeptical.

“It’s a messed up, nasty feeling,” Carmelo Anthony said. “I am really at a loss for words right now....At the rate this is going, we’re going to be in too deep of a hole to dig ourselves out.”

“I’m disappointed in all our effort,” Anthony said. “We’re not getting it done from an effort standpoint. It’s like we’re not even trying right now.....We can’t worry about the boos. We got to play harder. We’re not playing worth a shit right now.”

The embattled Woodson didn't hold back when it came to his assessment of his team's performance either.  

“I thought they just played harder than we played,” Woodson said. “You’re not going to beat anybody playing soft and not hard like we did.”