Nash talks injury

Posted by Unknown on Monday, November 11, 2013 with 4 comments
Los Angeles Lakers G Steve Nash was forced to miss the second half of their game last evening against the Minnesota Timberwolves.  Nash, 39, has struggled recently with back issues and spoke at length about the suffering that he endures.

"I hesitate to even talk about it now because it's probably not a good time, I'm feeling a little emotional, but it's hard," Nash said. "I really want to play and I really want to play the way I'm accustomed to playing, and to be so limited is frustrating. And also to not know where a clean-ish bill of health is is a little daunting too......The pain is always there, it's not as much of a concern.....It's just when you're so limited and you're limping, you're trying to get off your left leg the whole time, then you just can't be effective and you're making it worse. I tried to play through it, but to what diminishing returns."

"It gets really confusing," he said. "I have obviously back issues. It's nerves coming from my back. You could call it the back, you could call it the nerves, the pain in the hamstring, it's all the same thing. It gets a little convoluted....I'm trying to play through it, but at the same time be smart and overcome what I can.....But it's taken a bit of a turn for the worse, and I'm just going to see the [doctor] tomorrow and see what he advises."