Kevin Martin brings clarity to "jab", Durant responds

Posted by Unknown on Thursday, November 07, 2013 with 2 comments
Minnesota Timberwolves G/F Kevin Martin turned heads when he indicated that it's more fun playing with the Timberwolves due to not having teammates that would like to lead the NBA in scoring.  It appeared to be a jab at Martin's former Oklahoma City teammates Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook.  Wednesday Martin brought clarity to his comments and Kevin Durant responded.

Martin:  ”It’s a case of people making something out of nothing. KD is my guy and we’ve already talked, so he knows for sure that it wasn’t a shot at him. Way too much respect for him.”

Durant:  “Nah. I know what type of guy K-Mart is. He’s far from one of those type of guys who wants that shine, too. He’s not that type of guy. So I didn’t really think too much about it. I enjoyed playing with K-Mart.”