Bucks' Sanders Apologizes

Posted by Unknown on Saturday, November 09, 2013 with No comments
Milwaukee Bucks C Larry Sanders has apologized to his teammates and vows to make a personal apology to team owner Herb Kohl for being involved in an altercation at a nightclub that caused him to come under investigation.  Friday Sanders stated the following Friday:  

"I want to start by saying I put myself in a bad situation over the weekend.  I didn't make the best decisions down the stretch, but I would like to apologize to my fans here and Sen. Kohl, who I will talk to directly. I've talked to the team and apologized to them, just for shedding a negative light on our team and our organization.  It's not what we're about at all; it's not who we are.  It's not what we stand for.  I offer my apologies to everyone, especially the fans.  I know they put a lot on me and they count on me a lot.  For everyone I let down, I'm going to get better, going to be better. I'm going to get better at this, on and off the court.  I'm going to come back better. I just thank everyone for their concerns and being patient with me."