A message from C.L. Anthony

Posted by Unknown on Monday, November 25, 2013 with 8 comments
Let me begin by saying thank you!  The Hardwood Nation was built off of a foundation of love for the NBA and also love for fellow NBA fans.  We started extremely small and now while in our 3rd full NBA season as we continue to grow and make improvements to the fan experience.  Thehardwoodnation.com and our accompanying Andriod & iOS apps has given our fans/followers a voice and a home for the most relevant NBA news & rumors and with that being said we've added improvements over the last few weeks.  

Thehardwoodnation.com is the mothership, a hub for all things NBA and loaded with original content to which we've added an NBA scoreboard.  There's no need to refresh the page as it updates automatically.  

Secondly we've made our most important improvement to date.  When you have a chance, swing by thehardwoodnation.com on a laptop/desktop and you'll see our 24/7 live chat window, login and talk as much NBA basketball as you want all day and night, enjoy spirited debates, give player call outs and voice your opinions in real time.  It's a really great addition and I would like you all to check it out.  

Last but not least, we have a new logo for The Hardwood Nation and I hope you guys like it and again thank you for standing by us on this journey because there's a lot more to come.