Pacers' George talks Bulls, Heat

Posted by Unknown on Monday, October 28, 2013 with No comments
Derrick Rose turned heads days ago when he stated that he doesn't see the Indiana Pacers as a rival to the Chicago Bulls.  Paul George was recently asked if he saw the Bulls as a rival and he responded with the following:  

“Not really because they’re not the defending champions, they’re not the defending conference champions,” said George. “We are – or division champions, I should say. So it’s what he says, we know what’s, at the end of the day we know who’s the team that everybody’s gunning for, and that’s Miami. They’re the defending champions, that’s the team everybody has to go at, so I understand where he’s coming from. I feel the same way. The only team we should be worried about, I wouldn’t say worried about because every team’s a threat, but the only team that we should be really, I don’t know the words to say, but Miami is the team to beat, to wrap it all up and sum it all up, Miami is the team to beat.”