NBA Q&A: Steve Kerr, Reggie Miller

Posted by Unknown on Wednesday, October 23, 2013 with 1 comment
Kerr on what will be the biggest obstacle for the Miami Heat to get back to the NBA Finals: 
"Injuries obviously play a role every single year, but to me it would be the emotional fatigue of trying to get back to the Finals for the fourth straight year.  It hasn't been done since the mid-80s with the Celtics. Teams have been scheming and planning for Miami now for three years, trying to figure out how to beat them. There is a lot of stress that comes with that kind of a run that Miami has been on. If they are able to three-peat, it will be an incredible accomplishment. It will surpass everything that they've already done."?
Kerr on how far LeBron James has come in the last two years: 
"The story is how far LeBron has come in the last two years on every level. Where he was three years ago with 'The Decision', his play in the Finals against Dallas, the way he handled the postgame interview after Game 6 and the comments he made. He was really at a low point. What he has done the last two years is remarkable. He handles himself with grace and class. He's elevated his name. He is now a champion, he carries himself like one. I think it's fantastic to see the resilience, particularly in modern society with what he faces. I love what LeBron has done and I have a ton of respect for him. He's on his way. He's already top 10 [all-time]. Beyond that, we’ll see where he goes."
Miller on the challenges facing the Heat: 
"The Heat were assembled under such a firestorm. Everything they said or did was scrutinized for good or bad. I think they've gotten used to that, winning back-to-back championships. Each and every night, to get up and play at your best, it can be challenging. With the other teams [in the Eastern Conference] getting better, it could be a long haul. As long as you have the best player on the planet, you can never discount the Heat. They always have the ultimate trump card in LeBron James."
Kerr on how LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony are handling the buzz surrounding their free agent status in 2014: 

"The free agent market all depends on what happens in Miami and whether they opt out or if there is movement there. It's shaping up to be a big time [free-agency] market next year. I did notice that LeBron did handle it really well this time and decided not to talk about it. Carmelo was doing really well for a long time and just couldn't resist. The lesson is the players are best served just saying, 'no comment.' You can't win if you say anything about free agency. I like the way LeBron handled it and said he's not going to talk about it and he'll deal with it next year."