NBA Q&A: DJ Augustine

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Courtesy of XXL

XXL: What did you think about Drake being named global ambassador for the Raptors?

DJ Augustin: 

It was exciting. To have a guy like that be a part of the organization, it’s big for the city of Toronto and for the team. Drake is a brand of his own, he’s a classy guy, and he’s not just a rap artist. I think he brings different types of fans and more people to watch out for Toronto.

What were your initial thoughts?
I was kind of shocked, I didn’t expect it. I know he’s a big basketball fan. I saw him when I played in New York a couple times and in Miami a couple times. Good for him to take the time out and do that. It’s going to take a lot of his time to be a part of that; it’s big time of an artist.

What does Drake bring to the table?
Different type of fans, new ideas, creative ideas. If you look at his songs and his albums, they are very creative, so I know he’s going to bring a lot of creativity to the organization and to our team.

You just got signed to Toronto. How’s the city treating you?
Oh it’s pretty great. We like it; my family, my wife and my daughters here with me. It’s a great city, lots of things to do. I’m just really focused right now—we all are—on trying to get some wins.

Do you listen to Drake?
Yeah, I listen to him a lot. I’m a big Cash Money fan, and I’m from New Orleans so I know Mack Maine really well. We’re really good friends. Ever since he [Drake] has been with Cash Money, I’ve been a real fan. His new album is great. He’s really creative. On his album, I really like “Too Much,” “The Language”—I mean the whole thing. The whole CD, you can just let it play from top to bottom.

What do you listen to in the locker room?
We listen to a lot of different stuff. We have guys from all over; some guys listen to music where they are from. We listen to a variety of music. I may go back and listen to some old stuff. But probably what’s hot right now I listen to before a game.

Where do you see the Raptors in the future?
As a great basketball team. We’re tired of people laughing at us and thinking we’re not good. Thinking that we’re from Toronto, Canada, we shouldn’t be a part of the NBA. We’re a big part of the NBA, and we’re going to surprise a lot of teams. I think we have a great chance of making the playoffs. We have anything you need to get to that stage, and once you get to that stage, anything can happen. We’re just working hard. We got a hard-working group of guys. Everybody’s unselfish, and we want to win.