NBA Q&A: DeMarcus Cousins

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Courtesy of Jason Jones

On most frustrating part of his first three seasons:

"Losing really bothers me. Losing is one thing but with that being said, then all of a sudden you become the blame for an entire organization being the worse, that's when it really bothers you."

On how his reputation influences how he is perceived:

"A lot of my situations get treated unfairly just because of my name and my reputation. Like the Sean Elliott situation. That was so overblown. It went from me asking why do you feel this way about me to I threatened him. None of it was ever said but none of that mattered because it was me. So I get suspended and told you can't talk to a broadcaster. I can't talk to a broadcaster? It became 'DeMarcus approached a broadcaster, of course it was hostile.' That's just something I've got to roll with."

On personal expectations:

"The crazy thing is I've always had expectations but none of them have been as big as my own. Coming from other people it doesn't bother me because I'm already putting myself to a higher level."

On the Kings improving this season:

"It's about putting the puzzle together. It's not about OK, just out there and score 30. That's what it was before. But we've got a base now, we know what we're doing. We've got a scheme on defense every night. It's not just let's go out there and win. Now that this puzzle is coming together we're going to have some good nights, I believe it."

On how the offense will operate this season:

"This is the easiest I've had it. It's so easy now. My past couple of seasons, it was a fight every time to score a bucket and I still managed to do it, with no type of structure, just out there playing. But this is the easiest I've scored since I've been in the NBA. The game is so much easier now."

On the Kings changing their mentality:

"In the past it was all about scoring and then we'd get to the other end and it's like 'OK, let's try to get a stop.' The way things were put together just didn't work out. Of course we had talent and we had youth. And I really don't want to blame it on youth because OKC did it. But you've still got to have those right pieces to make a team. It's not about whose got talent."

On being associated with a team known as selfish:

"It did bother me but it was the truth. The way we played and the way we were being taught to be play was to be selfish and that's what you saw."

On if fans realize the physical beating he takes on a nightly basis:

"I don't even think they realize. One reason is we're not on TV so they don't see us play and then there's label already that he's just mad anyways. He's not getting mad because he's getting fouled, he's mad because he's mad anyway. I don't think people realize but it happens a lot."

Cousins on who he spoke to last season when things were tough:

"Honestly the guy I talked to the most was (former assistant coach) Clifford Ray. And I still talk to him now. Cliff will text me at 4 in the morning. Cliff understood, but he had to do his job. There was only so much he could say because he was under guys. He saw what was going on but there was only so much he could say."

On watching what he says:

"I've always been an honest person, I never hold my tongue. And that's where I'm trying to get to that's what I do. I don't want the negative attention, I don't want the negative spin on my words. Now I'm trying to get to the point where I keep things to myself. I don't want that attention."
"It's tough. I'm used to speaking my mind and I'm going to kick straight stuff to you. I don't sugarcoat things but I'm trying to get to a point where I do - less problems."

And one final moment of self reflection and humor:

"I'm still a work in progress. I'm not saying I'm perfect, but I'm getting better. But I am perfect looking."