NBA Q&A: Cartier Martin

Posted by Unknown on Thursday, October 17, 2013 with No comments
Courtesy of Chris Vivlamore

Q. What is your reaction to joining the Hawks?
A. It’s great. I feel amazing. It’s a great opportunity so I look forward to coming in and doing whatever they ask me to do and being a professional.
Q. Can you take my through the process of signing here? I understand you were considering playing in China?
A. I was just trying to figure out what the best deal for me to do as far as my family and for me. I didn’t go to training camp with anybody so I waited around to see if I could get picked up by anybody before I took the opportunity to go somewhere else or to Europe. Fortunately, these guys brought me in and gave me a chance so I’m very appreciative of the opportunity.
Q. Have you been working out and where?
A. Yes. I’m from Houston so I live there during the offseason. I’ve been working out and training there. That’s what I’ve been doing the last couple of weeks.
Q. How would you describe your game? What can Hawks fans expect?
A. They can expect some great shooting. A hard-working guy. A guy who is never going to quit on any plays. I’m going to give you my all. Like I said before, I’m going to come in and do whatever they ask me to do. I can play the 4 or 5, whatever it is. If I’m on the  bench cheering guys on, hey, I’m going to do whatever it takes that the organization wants.
Q. It looks like the 3 is the spot that is open. Is that what you prefer?
A. Oh yeah. I’m comfortable at the 2 or the 3. Basketball is a game so you have to understand every position. Wherever they want to put me, I will be comfortable with it and go out and perform as hard as I can.
Q. Have they talked to you about what they expect from you?
A. Yeah, when I came in I got a chance to talk to coach Bud and he just told me to be prepared for the opportunity when it is presented. The main thing for me is to stay ready at all times and work as hard as I can to prepare for that opportunity.
Q. How are you health-wise? I know you had a knee issue last year?
A. Last season, I had a little injury. I bounced back. I worked hard over the summer months to strengthen and condition it. I feel right now I’m at 100 percent. Right now it’s a matter of getting into game shape and getting my rhythm as far as being with a team. I’ve been working out by myself the last couple of weeks so getting a chance to get in with a team and learn defenses and stuff like that is going to be the biggest challenge.
Q. How difficult will that be because you have four (exhibition) games in seven days?
A. It’s something I’ve got to push through. For the most part it’s something that is going to make me a better player and help me in my conditioning and getting in shape. I just have to push as hard as I can and fight through the pain.