Jim Buss brings clarity to Kobe rumors

Posted by Unknown on Saturday, October 26, 2013 with 3 comments
Contrary to multiple reports Friday that the Los Angeles Lakers would allow G Kobe Bryant to become a free agent at seasons end, Lakers owner/executive Jim Buss stated the following:

"I want to put an end to any speculation that we would allow Kobe to become a free agent. That's not going to happen.  Kobe is a top priority for us. He's a Laker legend and always will be. I don't think we're done winning championships with him yet....[Lakers general manager] Mitch Kupchak and [Bryant's agent] Rob Pelinka have been talking, but with him being hurt, it has slowed the process some. I don't know when it'll get done, but I have faith in Rob and Mitch to work things out."