NBA Q&A: Roy Hibbert

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Courtesy of Dime 

Dime: So E3 kicks off today at the L.A. Convention Center and this is your first trip ever. Talk about your itinerary and what you’ve got planned over the next couple of days.

Roy Hibbert: I’m pretty much doing everything that I can. Asking questions, taking photos with people and being a brand ambassador.

Dime: You’ve made it known that you’re a huge Call of Duty fan. With CoD: Ghosts dropping next fall, there must be a lot of anticipation amongst the CoD loyalists at E3. Give me your thoughts on the unique plot in ghosts that includes a mass event leaving the government, military and the characters’ way of life in disarray.

RH: I mean it’s a great story line. They brought in this guy that wrote Syriana (Oscar winner Stephen Gaghan) so it’s a very good plot, very intricate and everything like that. They put a lot of time and effort into making the quality game that I appreciate.
Dime: The main character in this one is seen as the underdog but also battles with his brother and dog Riley in combat. Talk about how you value these underdog and family components of the game and how they translate to you as a member of the Indiana Pacers?

RH: I mean to tell you the truth, I’m just a total fan of the game and the franchise. And the fact that obviously it’s a dire situation and everything like that. The togetherness and teamwork (of the game) I guess you could connect with the Pacers but I have a special connection with the dog. When I watch the gameplay and when I’ve played the game, the dog sticks out to me. I think that the people behind the game did a good job of bringing in stuff that you would not have known or the other games have not done with those three (characters).
Dime: I take it that your competitiveness and drive to demolish every opponent translates to CoD as well?

RH: Yeah, I mean, sometimes you could play the same level 10 times and you could have 10 different results. So I want to be the best and you have to keep playing to be the best and keep sharpening your tools. And seriously, I’ve seen the maps, I’ve seen the guns — this shit is getting blown to a whole new level.
Dime: We know you’ll be the first member of the Pacers to go get Ghosts when it drops. You expect any of your other teammates to be a close second?

RH: Probably Jeff Pendergraph and Paul George. Whenever we have rookies, we usually have the rookies go pre-order the game and get the game for us. So we don’t have to worry about getting it a couple days after or a week or two after. It’s something that will be marked down on my calendar. I just can’t wait to get it, beat the game and then play with my teammates online.
Dime: Speaking of the Pacers, you guys had an unbelievable run this year and are a force to be reckoned with for years to come. The vintage moment of your playoff run was the epic denial that you put on ‘Melo in round two. How does the new poster look in your man cave?

RH: I mean, they were two gifts that were given to me. The Pacers and a friend of mine felt like that was like an important time in the playoffs so I appreciate it and it’s something that I’ll always remember.
Dime: You and D-West were, in my opinion, the best frontcourt in basketball all season. The way you two complemented each other was truly special to watch, especially in an era when more and more big men drift out to the perimeter. Talk about how his years of NBA experience have aided in your development on and off the court.

RH: D-West is just a great teammate. He is wise beyond his years. He talked to me about a lot of stuff on and off the court. He talked to me about getting a tax attorney and stuff like that in terms of managing your money. But he also talks to me about the politics, current events and obviously basketball is big. We do a lot of stuff on and off the court. I sit by him on the bus and you always learn something when you’re around him.
Dime: You also by far had some of the most entertaining postgame moments of the playoffs (along with some of Paul George’s interesting outfits). My favorite happened to be when you said, “You mother f—–s don’t watch us play.” What was your favorite postgame moment and do you support Paul George’s choice of wardrobe?

RH: Well I won’t really speak too much on my post game but with Paul’s outfits, George Hill‘s outfits, I mean, they’re just outlandish and that’s his style so more power to him (Paul George). He was playing such great basketball and you knew that he was going to be asked to go to the podium every night so you have to be dressed really well.
Dime: I heard you’ll be the one doing the interviewing at the CoD booth this week. How does it feel to be the one asking the questions this time?

RH: I’ve done it before, working with ESPN and other channels so it’s a great opportunity to get associated with a great franchise, so I hope I do well.
Dime: I know you like to have fun on Twitter posting outrageous pictures including the ridiculous one of a man walking a goat outside of an Indiana restaurant. Should we expect any humorous twit pics from @hoya2apacer during the convention?

RH: If I have my phone in my hand at the right time and something outlandish happens, I’ll take a pic but you know these moments happen few and far in-between, so we’ll see.
Dime: Lastly, what’s the plan for the summer? I know that you said you wanted to work on your lateral quickness during the Game 7 postgame presser. Are you going to continue with MMA training?

RH: Yeah, I’ll do MMA again, some conditioning and everything like that but we’ll see how it goes. I’m taking a couple of weeks off right now and then I’m going to get back into it later on.