Danny Granger talks Derrick Rose

Posted by Unknown on Tuesday, June 11, 2013 with 4 comments
Indiana Pacers F Danny Granger understand how it feels to miss an NBA season with him having missed all but five games this past season due to a knee injury.  Granger was recently asked about Derrick Rose who missed the entire NBA season with a torn ACL and Granger responded with the following:

"It's funny. All the people that judge the players, 99 percent of them haven't played, 99 percent haven't been injured like the player's been injured. And they talk so much about Derrick Rose, like, 'Oh, he should have come back.' We play at the highest level of competitive sports in the world. And to do that, you can't be playing on one leg. 'Cause the guy across is playing on two, and he's going to eat you alive. ... He had a major surgery. So I thought they should have backed off of him. Nobody's been in that situation. Everybody's so quick to judge, when they've never experienced it."