NBA Q&A: Sarah Palin

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Courtesy of Joe Goodman Jr.

ME: “Since you’re here sitting in the front row, I figured I would be remiss if I didn’t try to interview you.”
PALIN: “You can try. It’s your job.”

ME: “So, I guess what do you think of the game so far?”
PALIN: “We love the NBA. We love Indiana. We go back to being big Hoosier fans. So, anything that has to do with Indiana, we’re going to support, so coming here and rooting for the Pacers is kind of parlaying our love of Indiana.”

ME: “Were you here for the race?”
PALIN: “For the race and we were lucky enough to get to come to this game then, too.”

ME: “So, you did the Indianapolis double today.”
PALIN: “Yeah, this a dream come true for sports nuts like Todd and me. It’s really, it’s surreal.”

ME: “What did you do at the race? I covered the Daytona 500 one year when you were there.”
PALIN: “What we got to do is hang with Parnelli Jones and do a lap with Parnelli yesterday and it’s the 50th anniversary of his win in Indy, so that was cool to get to be with him. And then just to experience the race, something so iconic and all-Americana, something we grew up watching on TV all these years to be there today was spectacular.”

ME: “So, growing up in Alaska, who were some of your favorite NBA stars?”
TODD PALIN, interjecting: “Well, back in the day, Dr. J., Larry Bird, Magic…
PALIN: “Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, I mean the crew in the 80s, growing up in the 80s, you know. But all these guys today, these athletes are amazing athletes. And Miami is so doggone stacked, but the Pacers have this tenacious, scrappy, underdog persona that everybody’s going to root for.”

ME: “But you’ve got to be pulling for Miami, too, right? Because they’ve got an Alaskan on the team.”
PALIN: “We love Chalmers. Any of the Alaskan kids who make it so big, like Trajan Langdon and Carlos Boozer, all those guys we’re always going to root for, but when it comes to team, though, I’m always going to root for the underdog. Go Pacers!”
TODD PALIN: “I always like seven games in a series, though.”
PALIN: “That’s the thing. I just texted my girlfriend that hopefully it goes seven.”

ME: “So, where do you see your political future going?”
PALIN: “That’s up to the American people. And if they want to see positive change in this country, or if they want to just kind of keep embracing the status quo of going down the wrong road. It’s up to the American people and where someone’s political future is going to go.”

ME: “You got anything planned in the near future?”
PALIN: “Near future is helping change the senate in the 2014 races, get some good common sense conservatives elected.”

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