Heat's Jones may retire

Posted by Unknown on Friday, June 22, 2012 with 12 comments
Miami Heat guard/forward James Jones may decide to walk away from the NBA sooner than most.  Jones is 31 years old but is seemingly worn down by his years as a player and also as a player representative for the NBPA.  Jones currently serves as the treasurer for the NBPA and spent the majority of last off season negotiating.

"Mentally and physically, it's taken a toll on not just on me, but for my family," Jones said. "At some point, you know the game comes to an end. You see the writing on the wall. You try to prolong it as long as possible. Like anything I've ever done, I want to walk away from my challenges rather than my challenges push me aside.....I know once it's [the season] over and done with, I don't know how the competitor in me will feel," Jones said. "I don't know what kind of emotions I'll experience, but more importantly I don't know which direction the team will go. You know championship teams try to get better. All I can control is me. This is a great place to play. They have a real opportunity to win championships. From a personnel standpoint, you just never know."