Adonal Foyle's Official Statement on being fired

Posted by Unknown on Wednesday, June 27, 2012 with No comments

As you all know by now, my tenure as Director of Player Development for the Orlando Magic has come to an end- I was let go by the organization on Monday.
I have to say that working in the Magic’s front office was a truly amazing experience for me. I had the opportunity to work with a group of great young men and, hopefully, I was able to influence their lives in a small way. I’ve also enjoyed the opportunity to work with some great people within the front office – people from whom I learned a lot, and I will be forever better because of them.
I bear no ill will towards the organization. As everyone knows, this is a business. Rob Hennigan, the Magic’s new GM, did what he needed to do. As the new man in charge, he should be given the free will to hire the his own people to serve him.
As a member of the Orlando Sentinel’s “Opinionators,” I have always tried to use this medium as a way to have conversations with people who didn’t share my views of the world – or just my views in general. Whether you are a Democrat, a Republican or an Independent, I believe that as a country, the only way we can move forward is by continuing to have the conversations that people don’t want to have. Such conversations are difficult, but if we are both honest and respectful of each other, we will ultimately become a better society. It is when we scream instead of talk to each other, that I feel democracy suffers. With that said, it has been an absolute pleasure to argue and exchange views with all who have either agreed or disagreed with my views. I hope we will continue the talk, because only through talk will we realize that we are not red or blue, but truly, we are all gray. And it’s in the grey where progress is made. It’s in the grey where we try to understand each other and realize that no matter how different we are, we still have something that binds us together …and that is our love of country.
As far as what the future holds for me, I plan to spend this summer to assess and decide in which direction I will go.  Whether or not there is a future for me on this blog is up in the air. But what I truly want to say to the good people of Orlando is that it has been an unbelievable five years – both as a player and as a member of the front office. It was a great run. I’ve gotten to know so many of you and I truly believe that I have become a better person just by knowing all of you. I will never forget the love that you have shown me. You opened up your community to me and welcomed me wholeheartedly, and for that, I am truly, truly blessed.
As my journey continues, I have no idea where this road will lead, but I am excited about the journey ahead. I encourage you to continue to make your voices heard on this great platform. In articulating your frustrations, you come to understand yourself better. That has been my experience in my years of writing for this blog.
So again, thank you all … and until next time.