The Pulse: Your Take

Posted by Unknown on Thursday, May 31, 2012 with 7 comments
As I woke up yesterday evening I was informed that the Hornets had won the 2012 NBA Draft Lottery.  After taking a moment to digest the news, I immediately put my head down and stated the following "I should have known".  I should have known that the Hornets would "win" the lottery based on their recent past.  Lets have a look at the last 12 months for the Hornets.

  • Being acquired by the league
  • League owners nixing the Chris Paul trade to the Lakers for "Basketball Reasons"
  • The Hornets being sold to Tom Benson and being promised the 2014 NBA All-Star Game
  • Winning the Draft Lottery last evening
Not a bad year to say the least for a franchise that the NBA is trying desperately to revive and perhaps the most damming evidence of all.  The following photo was allegedly taken days ago.  It could be nothing but a huge coincidence or it could have been a sign of foreshadowing but there's Anthony Davis with his Hornets cap on and yes he will be the 1st overall pick.

Anthony Davis days ago?
I need to really hear from you guys today on this matter because I am torn, do you think the NBA fixed the Draft Lottery to further aid the Hornets or is all of this just one massive coincidence?  Let us know at The Real NBA, please don't be shy on this matter.