Udonis Haslem shares his thoughts on Kendrick Perkins

Posted by Unknown on Thursday, April 05, 2012 with 3 comments
The only thing that was missing was last night's Thunder/Heat match-up was a Kendrick Perkins/Udonis Haslem fist fight.  During a radio interview with WQAM, Haslem shared his thoughts on Kendrick Perkins and his "tough guy" persona.

 "I think sometimes people just use the TVs and the cameras and the crowd, you know, to put on a show," Haslem said of Perkins. "I don't think he's all that he shows out there on the court....I think anybody can be a tough guy with a thousand people watching on TV and referees who call fouls and stop the game and different things like that. I don't seeing him being any tough guy that he puts on the show to be, at all.....If we were playing at the park, I don't think he'd be doing all that....Where I'm from, all the talking and playing like that, if some point it comes to a situation where you've got to back it up, he's never had to back it up, because obviously referees always step in."