Reggie Miller thinks the Knicks can beat the Heat

Posted by Unknown on Friday, April 27, 2012 with 19 comments
Future Hall of Famer and current TNT analys Reggie Miller feels as if the New York Knicks can upset the Miami Heat in the first round of the playoffs, Miller cites the Knicks defense and the scoring ability of Carmelo as why.

“When you look at playoff teams there are a few things you need: To have great team defense, which the Knicks have played since Woodson has taken over, to have great individual defenders, and they have two excellent ones in Iman Shumpert and Tyson Chandler, and you need a bona fide closer, a guy that you can just throw the ball to, get to the free-throw line, keep you in games on the road and trust with leads at home. And they obviously have that in Carmelo. And the way they’ve been playing the last month and a half, I would not, by any means, be surprised if they push or beat Miami .”