Ray Allen to return tonight

Posted by Unknown on Tuesday, April 17, 2012 with No comments
      After missing the last four games with swelling in his ankle, Celtics guard Ray Allen will return to the line up tonight when the Celtics face the New York Knicks.  Allen will also return to his most recent role of being the first option off of the bench.  In total Allen's ankle injury has cost him 15 games this season and he recently spoke of it's condition:

"It just swelled on me after the Miami game, and that next day it just blew up; ain't no rhyme or reason," Allen said. "I have to pay more attention to it. I can't go off into the world thinking everything is hunky dory. I have to stay on top of it. With the schedule, I have to attack it with more vengeance and not just let it go. Now it's just making sure I take every precaution moving forward."