Kevin Martin to return?

Posted by Unknown on Wednesday, April 18, 2012 with No comments
Kevin Martin has missed 20 games this season with a strained right shoulder but he stated recently that he and head coach Kevin McHale will meet to discuss the possibility of a return to the team.  Martin last saw in game action on March 11th.  

“I feel like I’m getting better,” Martin said. “We’ll talk about what is the best thing for the team. We’ll see how tomorrow and at New Orleans go. I think it is a possibility. Me and coach, we have to get together and we’ll see.....I think it’s just about mostly the feel for the game,” Martin said of coming back with little preparation. “There’s going to be a couple loose balls that might slip out of your hands and things like that. But conditioning-wise, I’ve been doing a lot of stuff the past three weeks so I think I’m ready in that aspect. I’ve got to try my best to get out there for them. Hopefully we can get back on the right track and get into the playoffs.”