Doc Rivers calls out team

Posted by Unknown on Friday, April 06, 2012 with No comments
During the second half of last evening's game against the Bulls, the Boston Celtics were outscored 55-37.  Bulls guard Derrick Rose missed his 12th consecutive game and Doc Rivers had seen enough and expressed his thoughts in the post game interview.

"I had to use two timeouts to remind us that we were actually in an NBA game," he said. "I thought this was the worst loss for us this year with the way we approached the game. And then in the second half, I thought Chicago, they’re just too tough for us. I thought their toughness made us let go of the rope. We wanted to use all these excuses all night. I thought Chicago was just too tough for us. They get into us, they frustrate us and our guys let go of the rope, bottom line. We’re not going to go a lot of places playing with that type of mental toughness....Chicago is tougher than us right now. We have three weeks, if we play like that tonight, we’ll be playing of those in the first round. We gotta get better. That was unacceptable."