The All New Real NBA App

Posted by Unknown on Friday, April 27, 2012 with 4 comments
After a month of development, we at The Real NBA are proud to announce the launch of our new Android App.  Coincidentally with the playoffs starting soon it was time for an upgrade.  Due to the nature of the app, we were unable to update the current version of the app that's in Google Play so you must download the new and improved version.  The current app will be disabled May 1st.

Click here to download the new app

The new app will include the following:


The name says it all, updated multiple times a day with the latest relevant news in the NBA.

The NBA Blog:

The genesis of The Real NBA is The Real NBA Blog which was started in April of 2010 and continues today. There you will find in depth analysis of the NBA, it's stars, and owners.  One could spend hours immersed in The Real NBA Blog, dive in and you will return enlightened.  You'll also find an in depth playoff preview and predictions.

The Closer:

When I think of The Closer's opinions they are passionate and raw.  Follow The Closer as he brings his take no prisoners attitude and offers unique analysis of the NBA.

The Corner:

Visit Tez's Corner and you'll find a loyal, humble presence, he loves his Orlando Magic to a fault and he will offer a deep perspective about the Magic and all things NBA.

Player Movement Central:

Again the name says it all, here is where you'll find a compilation of all player movement in the NBA going forward.  Of course with this being the beginning of the playoffs there will be no movement at this time but come the off-season I predict that this will be one very popular section.

The Real NBA on Facebook:

Like The Real NBA on Facebook to acquire more news and be able to interact with The Real NBA Staff and your friends.

NBA Fan Nation Twitter Feed:

Follow The Real NBA on twitter with our Fan Nation feed, interact with us as we watch playoff games and more.  This will also be the best place to keep track of your favorite players off the court.

Email the team:

This is your chance to connect with The Real NBA team.  Lets us hear what opinions you may have, good or bad and enjoy our responses, we'd like to hear from you all.

NBA Scores:

You will now have quick access from within The Real NBA Android app to all of the scores around the league via ESPN.