Stephen Curry updates status

Posted by Unknown on Tuesday, March 27, 2012 with 1 comment
Stephen Curry has been out of action since March 11th due to his recurring ankle issues and has stated that he has a desire to play again this season.  Curry has missed 21 games this season and last season 8 games were lost due to the same ankle injury.

"He didn't say surgery now, so that was big," Curry said. "Hopefully, whatever he does have to say, it won't start with 'S.....When you're trying to compete, your 100 percent is not truly 100 percent," Curry said. "You just feel like you want to be able to play when you can move around - even when you know there's something still wrong with it.....At this point, I've run my ankle into the ground by trying to play on it while it's injured. It's time to keep the grand scheme of my career in the forefront and worry about that."