Dwight Howard speaks but says virtually nothing "updated"

Posted by Unknown on Wednesday, March 14, 2012 with No comments
Dwight Howard held a meeting today with his teammates in San Antonio and explained to them that he was "all in" for the remainder of the season but contractually he has no choice but to be "All in" for the remainder of the season....so where is the news here?  The Orlando Magic have all of the power when it comes to trading Dwight Howard or not at this time.  Not willing to be tricked, the Orlando Magic have requested that Dwight Howard sign paperwork stating that he will not opt out of his deal in the off-season.  Sources indicate that until the Orlando Magic execs receive the signed papers "modified contract", their plan is still to trade Howard before tomorrow's deadline.  

Update:  Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski has just reported that 3 Orlando Magic players have stated that Dwight Howard did not say that he was opting in for next season.