Derrick Rose blames self for severity of injury

Posted by Unknown on Tuesday, March 20, 2012 with 2 comments
Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose has missed the last 4 games due to a strained groin, an injury that occured during a MArch 12th showdown against the Knicks.  As Rose spoke to the media Monday, he blamed himself for the severity of the injury.

‘‘In the New York "game", when I went to the hole, I took off kind of wrong and Jeremy beat my shot,...I thought I was going to take off, but I couldn’t get up that high. I just felt the pull. I thought it was like a charley horse or something. When I went down, I tried to stretch out, but there was pain there. Usually, when you have a charley horse, it’s just tight. There was pain, but I wanted to play through it. I played through it, but I think it made it worse....You don’t want this to linger.....I can’t move right now. Every day, it’s definitely getting better, but I haven’t been able to run in a couple days.’’