Kobe Bryant has never met Larry Bird

Posted by Unknown on Wednesday, February 08, 2012 with No comments
Larry Bird stated earlier this week that he would rather be a teammate of Kobe Bryant versus LeBron James.  Kobe Bryant appreciated the love but stated that he's never met Larry Bird but wish he had.

"That means the world to me because I looked up to him and his worth ethic," Bryant said today. "With him kind of being a staple of a blue collar player that's been blessed with a great deal of talent. His determination, his motivation. I remember some quotes that I heard from Tommy Heinsohn describing Larry Bird that were very moving to me when I was a kid and if I could be that way I feel I could be pretty good so I kind of followed his lead in that regard. To hear him have that kind of praise for me means a lot....I never met him because I never see him," Bryant said. "During the All-Star Game in Cleveland (in 1997) our paths never crossed. It's crazy."