Doug Collins feels for Michael Jordan

Posted by Unknown on Tuesday, February 14, 2012 with No comments
The Charlotte Bobcats are chasing history, even in a reduced season due to the NBA lockout, the Bobcats are flirting with having the worst season in NBA history and that can't sit well with owner Michael Jordan.  The Sixers handed the Bobcats their latest lost and Sixers head coach Doug Collins spoke after the game.

“The most competitive human being I’ve been around in my life – bar none – is Michael Jordan. I just know from his standpoint, how difficult this is,’’ Collins said.  “The No. 1 thing for him is compete every single moment. I’m sure that’s the message he’s trying to send to this franchise: ‘We do have some young pieces, we’ve had some injuries, but you have to compete every single moment.’ ’’