Charles Oakley praises the Knicks

Posted by Unknown on Wednesday, February 29, 2012 with No comments
Charles Oakley will always be remembered as a Knick and he would love to have a job within the organization that he battled for night after night.  Oakley is also satisfied with the direction that the Knicks are heading in and with Jeremy Lin.

Teams are going to take their best shot at him now and do what they can to pressure him (Lin)....When you’re taking everyone’s best shot, you have to have different options. You can’t leave it to him to make all the decisions and plays. Other guys have to step up, too.... Tyson is playing his heart out every night, and he’s not looking for credit because he’s just doing his job.......Everyone’s got egos, so you have to look around the room because without role players you’re going to go nowhere. You need that. You need guys to make stars go....I told them four or five years ago I was trying to get a job with them.....It’s up to them. I get caught in all this hype with management, and I don’t know why. The door is always open. My phone number hasn’t changed. I’m in Westchester. I’m easy to find.”